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Welcome to Muscle In Motion Fitness

Muscle in Motion is a fitness company that has been formed by a professional basketball player and Bronze Medal Commonwealth Games Winner Mike Martin. Mike has taken his years of playing at the elite level and knowledge of Personal Training and combined both these powerful tools to form Muscle in Motion Ltd.


Muscle in Motion’s philosophy of “Keep It Moving” is one that they emphasize in their daily approach to a fitter lifestyle. They offer a wide range of services such as Personal Training, Corporate Fitness Sessions, Wellness workshops, Boot camps, Online training packages etc.


Muscle in Motion is unique not only in its approach, but also in its structure. Delivery to personal clients, companies, schools and health service providers are all services this company can offer.


Muscle In Motion’s skilled professionals are ready to help you on your journey to a fitter and healthier tomorrow.


Brought to you by Commonwealth Games Winner Mike Martin.

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With the ever increasing epidemic of child hood obesity, Muscle in motion realise the issues and are very passionate about providing the youth of today with the knowledge along with the ability to make a change to their health, fitness and wellbeing. By delivering easily accessible and imaginative Bootcamps throughout the week we aim to educate, support and improve the current level of each child’s fitness. This leaves each child with the  long lasting message of “your health is your wealth”, which in time will leave the imprint of living a happier and healthier life and adopting an active lifestyle.

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Muscle in Motion Ltd and its unique corporate scheme offer employees the opportunity to provide and maintain a healthy and more positively charged workforce. Through the delivery of regular weekly classes (with the opportunity for 1-2-1 Personal Training) we provide a platform to further solidify your workforce through the use of exercise and fun. Colleagues build better and stronger work relationships, better team cohesion resulting in an improved work environment., Statistics also prove that taking this approach reduces the amount of sick days taken, resulting in increased and more efficient output from the company/organisation.  

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Our clients


Staff at Muscle in Motion fully understand the level of commitment and training needed for competitive teams to be successful. With training and programming, each tailor made session will be sports specific and relevant. Reduce the risk of season ending injuries and promoting athlete longevity. Combining strength, endurance, power, speed and agility your team has no choice but to excel to the forefront of competitive glory with the help of Muscle in motion.




Personal Training with Muscle in Motion is simple, versatile and effective. Following a free 30 minute consultation clients may purchase personal training sessions, each session is £50 and lasts 1 hour. The person-centred consultation will be spent mostly discussing fitness goals and outlining a plan for achieving these goals, any further sessions will be spent entirely on exercising.


All clients will have an option to book 10 sessions and receive 10% discount (10 sessions cost £450,

instead of £500), this has to be paid in full before the first session.



Body transformation package:


·      A definite life changing package


·      Total body transformation


·      Achieve best results and maintain optimum performance!


We will also offer, Body Transformation package, which will include 36 sessions, 3 times a week over 3 months.

·      Muscle In Motion Gym Kit -T-shirt/Vest

·      Progress check ins.


On request: Nutritional advice and shopping list included in the package.


For more info & prices get in touch:

Our services
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·      Increase your employees productivity


·      Help your employees to make smart & healthy choices


·      A programme that can be delivered at your workplace, no equipment needed!


Muscle in Motion can provide employee wellness program, which will be investment in both your employees’ health, and you company’s future.


Employee Wellness program benefits are:


-  Reduced absence levels


-  Increased productivity


-  Reduced medical claims


-  Retain and attract employees


-  Reduce stress and anxiety


-  Promote a better quality of life


It includes minimum of three month contract consisting of 2 sessions per week lasting 1 hour each over a 12 week period.


For more info & prices get in touch:


·      Cost Effective


·      Access from anywhere in the world


·      Proven results


Muscle in Motion can provide Better Bodies Online training, which will include Keep it Moving Programme. No more time on inefficient workouts and diets. You work 1-2-1 with your online trainer to create a sustainable eating plan and an exercise regime that delivers results whilst fitting around your busy schedule. It doesn’t matter where you live or where you train because our online training is designed specifically for you.


Our Better Bodies Online training includes one off training plan which is written based on individual needs and goals. Alternatively ongoing coaching is offered which allow for follow up check ins (check in via email or skype), when they are needed.


For more info & prices get in touch:

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·      Great way to kick start your fitness or weight loss goals


·      Bootcamps suitable for all


·      None judgemental environment, plenty advice and motivation!




Muscle in Motion will deliver outdoor Keep It Moving Bootcamps for 3 different groups:

After-work boot camps


This is where you run faster, lift more and de-stress after a long day at work. This is where you become the best version of yourself. Our 1 hour workout is designed to target opposite muscle groups so your body has perfect balanced workout. It’s the quickest way to transform your body.


Youth boot camps


These boot camps are designed for 12-17 year old teens who may struggle with a variety of emotional and behavioural issues.


Team boot camps


A great way to exercise with the company of family, friends or colleagues. Many prefer this approach to exercise rather than one to one Personal Training as it involves more participants who are working together as a unit, there’s more energy, a higher element of fun as well as being more cost effective.




Before I started training with Muscle In Motion, I was stuck in a rut. I was overweight, bloated and training without seeing results. I’ve been training with Mike for over a year now and he has helped me greatly in my goal of being back at my ideal weight of 98kgs, total weight loss to date is 50lbs and my body fat is now down to 15%! During this process I was able to continue playing my chosen sport of Rugby with more consistency and have a greater impact on the pitch week in week out. My journey to losing excess weight, building muscle and improving my fitness has been an amazing one. My biggest hurdle was eating correctly and my social drinking, Mike educated me on the right portion sizes, supplementation, hydration and most importantly the rest! I always felt confident in what we were doing was going to make a difference, and I am so glad that I stuck at it. Every session with Muscle In Motion was informative, specific and to say the least intense. Mike is simply amazing, dedicated and very supportive, he is a friend as well as your trainer.


It’s been a pleasure Mike.


I hated sport all my life, but decided 2 ½ years ago that it was time for a complete change in lifestyle. I went to the gym and signed up for personal training sessions with Mike Martin. Mike pushes me harder than I ever would do by myself, and makes every visit to the gym worthwhile and fun. He has no mercy when I complain, makes me sweat and encourages me when I need it. I love the variety of cardio, weights, resistance training and boxing. I thought I would never say this, but I now enjoy and need exercising. I feel spikey if I don’t go and weirdly enough I even enjoy the feeling of my muscles aching. I have lost loads of weight and toned up, but the real benefit lies in my new found strength and energy. I feel at least 10 years younger and so much happier.

‘Hand on my heart ‘ I am still a lazy girl inside but with my training sessions booked, and someone waiting with a smile in the gym for me, I hardly ever have a good enough excuse not to go.


Thank you Mike!


We have been training with Muscle In Motion for 3 months and are extremely happy with the results so far. Not only has our overall fitness and strength improved, but we have lost weight and toned up in such a short space of time. Mike’s expert knowledge and tips on nutrition are excellent and his training technique inspires confidence and self-belief.  We learn something new every session and are now able to perform exercises we would never have attempted on our own. Each workout is tailored to you, so that you can achieve the goals you have set. Mike is an excellent trainer; he is energetic, fun, committed and inspirational, and we can’t recommend him enough!


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Unimix House, Suite 38, 3rd Floor, 33 Abbey Rd, London NW10 7TR

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