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Before I started training with Muscle In Motion, I was stuck in a rut. I was overweight, bloated and training without seeing results. I’ve been training with Mike for over a year now and he has helped me greatly in my goal of being back at my ideal weight of 98kgs, total weight loss to date is 50lbs and my body fat is now down to 15%! During this process I was able to continue playing my chosen sport of Rugby with more consistency and have a greater impact on the pitch week in week out. My journey to losing excess weight, building muscle and improving my fitness has been an amazing one. My biggest hurdle was eating correctly and my social drinking, Mike educated me on the right portion sizes, supplementation, hydration and most importantly the rest! I always felt confident in what we were doing was going to make a difference, and I am so glad that I stuck at it. Every session with Muscle In Motion was informative, specific and to say the least intense. Mike is simply amazing, dedicated and very supportive, he is a friend as well as your trainer. It’s been a pleasure Mike.

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We have been training with Muscle In Motion for 3 months and are extremely happy with the results so far. Not only has our overall fitness and strength improved, but we have lost weight and toned up in such a short space of time. Mike’s expert knowledge and tips on nutrition are excellent and his training technique inspires confidence and self-belief.  We learn something new every session and are now able to perform exercises we would never have attempted on our own. Each workout is tailored to you, so that you can achieve the goals you have set. Mike is an excellent trainer; he is energetic, fun, committed and inspirational, and we can’t recommend him enough!

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I hated sport all my life, but decided 2 ½ years ago that it was time for a complete change in lifestyle. I went to the gym and signed up for personal training sessions with Mike Martin. Mike pushes me harder than I ever would do by myself, and makes every visit to the gym worthwhile and fun. He has no mercy when I complain, makes me sweat and encourages me when I need it. I love the variety of cardio, weights, resistance training and boxing. I thought I would never say this, but I now enjoy and need exercising. I feel spikey if I don’t go and weirdly enough I even enjoy the feeling of my muscles aching. I have lost loads of weight and toned up, but the real benefit lies in my new found strength and energy. I feel at least 10 years younger and so much happier.

‘Hand on my heart ‘ I am still a lazy girl inside but with my training sessions booked, and someone waiting with a smile in the gym for me, I hardly ever have a good enough excuse not to go. Thank you Mike!